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 Velocity Enterprises Queensland PTY Limited consists of Velocity Painting and House Washing, Velocity Power Wash and Protect, Velocity Defense Shield

Velocity Power Wash And Protect Specialty

Extend the life of your paint and Surfaces.

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Velocity Painting and House Washing

Painting Homes – Interior and Exterior using Dulux quality products. Whether you need interior or exterior painting services for your home or business property, Velocity Painting and House Washing is the name you can trust.

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Velocity Power Wash

and Protect

When it comes to House Washing – Driveways, decks, patios, and roofs. Removing harsh contaminants from the surface of your home and roof and providing a coating system that chemistry bonds an acrylic coating to your home to protect it against the harsh environment.

Coating services

Automotive, Marine, Property Coating

Velocity Power Wash and Coat. Protect your Car, Boat, Launch, Yacht, Caravan, Motorhome, Motorbike, Jet Ski, Home and building with a chemistry bonded acrylic that protects your pride and joy from the harsh environment.

Defence Shield

Velocity Defence Shield is a licensed Service Provider for Zoono Next Level germ protection, anti-mould treatment and bacteria solutions. Outbreaks are stress your business doesn't need. From contamination to common bugs

Our Special Protective Velocity Acrylic Coating

Our Engineered Acrylic Coating is a special German engineered wash product protects UV rays, acids in bird droppings...

Why Use Velocity Power Wash & Protect for Exterior Washing & Cleaning?

As our name states we ‘Power Wash’ using the best methods and...

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This is a family business founded by Nigel & Tracey to provide high end coating solutions for all New Zealanders and Australians. Our products are all tested and proven to provide solutions for all your coating requirements.

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Do you want to own your own

business and be in control of

your destiny?

Velocity Enterprises understands what it takes to be self-employed and have the responsibility of owning, running and marketing your business. This is why Velocity Enterprises has made available exclusive territory licenses so you can own a business and have all the support and knowledge right there to help you achieve returns that can normally take years to achieve

This opportunity will change your life.

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Who We Are and What We Do

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Ray & Paula

Hi Nigel

Just a quick email to thank you and your team for the great job and transformation you achieved by power washing and coating my home with your foaming solution.

The paint is 12 years old and it looks just about as good as new now after your great service.

Thanks Again


Ray Pratt

Dealer Principal / Owner

Hi Nigel

Great result with the work you performed water blasting the Harley Davidson Bar & Shield outside the store you have really made look like new with the solution you used.

All the best for the future.


Ed & Bo Viterbo

Auckland, New Zealand

Excellent work

Nigel and Tracey of Velocity did an exterior house clean for us a few months ago, It’s a big two storey house, 7 bedrooms. They cleaned the exterior of the house from top to bottom, including the roof. They have done an amazing job, thorough and meticulous. I have no hesitation of recommending their work to anyone.


E. Wai

We appointed Velocity Ltd. for house wash and paint of the exterior of our home in October 2020.

Nigel and Tracey are very personable and passoinate; were available for my questions and concerns.

The couples are experienced, every aspect of their works, from assisting us with color options and shades; with an eye for details.

The estimate quote was fair and reasonable. I was completely satisfied with the quality and professionalism of Velocity Ltd. Hence, I have no hesitation in recommending this company.


June Kemp

I used Velocity Power Wash & Protect to clean my roof, they did such a great job I had them come back to clean the deck, which looked amazing after they had finished, I would highly recommend Velocity & most definitely use them again.

Thanks Nigel & Tracey


Leigh Ann

Nigel and Tracey did an outstanding job on powerwashing and painting the tired old garages, facades, roof and replacing the downpipe for the Body Corporate contract in the block of units where I live.

The quality of the work, attention to detail, plus the cheerful willingness to go the extra mile on our collective behalf puts them in a league of their own.

I would recommend this highly professional team without reservation.


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