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Velocity Power Wash and Protect

Who we are as a Company

Velocity Power Wash and Protect was founded by Nigel Cotton and Tracey Strahan a couple who work together in their family Painting Company. They saw daily homes that had been professionally washed ready for painting that were not washed properly to the standard required for painting. Out of desperation to have the houses they were painting washed properly they formed Velocity Power Wash and Coat.

A little about them

Nigel's a Entrepreneur who has a world of knowledge and experience in business, sales and marketing. Nigel brings drive, enthusiasm and passion to the business and his partner Tracey comes from a Hair Dressing background and has a eye for detail and perfection. Tracey has strong sales and people skills that allow her to communicate with people from all walks of life.

We are a family run business which started under Velocity Painting and House Washing. We recently expanded the business to include Velocity Power Wash & Protect along with Velocity Defence Shield. Velocity power Wash and Protect is Franchising throughout Queensland , Australia Please forward all expressions of interest to nigel@velocitypowerwash.com.au for a Prospectus.

Our mission is to bring the highest quality in external property cleaning and protection to ensure the homes in our community continue to present beautifully and are protected from the harmful impacts and contamination that will cause long term damage to your home.

As a family company we are committed to offering a friendly, easy and professional wash, coat and protect service to Home and Property owners in Australia.

Nigel & Tracey realised very early that they were onto a great Home owner and Commercial Building owner service and will need a good team of people around them to grow this business to its true potential.

Velocity Power Wash Australia offers a large range of external property cleaning services. We use a high-powered pressure washer to safely remove harmful and unwanted contamination from all external surfaces or your property, from Home’s, to Caravans, Boats, Bikes and Vehicles of any size from Cars to Trucks.

We also offer a high tech, German engineered wash and coat product which chemically bonds an acrylic layer to the surface on which it is applied. This product breaks down contamination and coats the surface with a protective, contaminate preventing, bonded acrylic layer. We specialise in bringing the painted surfaces of homes and property back to its original lustre and potential, and reducing the risk of surface and paint damage due to Salt Spray, Dust, Solar Radiation and UV Light.

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