Velocity Power Wash & Protect

 Velocity Enterprises Queensland PTY Limited consists of Velocity Painting and House Washing, Velocity Power Wash and Protect, Velocity Defense Shield


We apply a special German Patented acrylionic wash product which chemically bonds the protective coating to all surfaces. Using our strong yet eco-friendly detergents that break down both general and stubborn contamination to leave the surface clean and free of anything that may harm and damage the paint or surface.

● We then apply our Protective Acrylic Coating to protect against the contaminants of the harsh environment. This coating acts as a barrier which stops new contamination from sticking and baking onto the surface. This allows any contamination that settles to be easily washed off by rain water or a good hose down.

● Our Engineered Acrylic Coating also protects against paint and surface damage caused by the harsh UV rays, acids in bird droppings and bat droppings which are often highly corrosive and any other harmful chemicals and acid rain transported during bad weather such as storms or heavy winds.

If you would like to know more please contact me for a free, no obligation quote and check our Facebook page for the many posts with videos showing us in action, including before and after photos of our work so you can see our amazing property transformations in action.