Velocity Power Wash & Protect

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This service includes cleaning soffits, arches, balconies or overhanging eaves along with the undersides of gutters. Ensuring all contamination including Insects and Spiders and Webs are removed from the home top to bottom. This is our main service.

Gutter cleaning is a very important service to get done on every

property as blocked gutters cause them to overflow. This leads to harmful contamination running all over walls and windows which can causes paint damage and leaves home covered in debris. It can also create internal water leaks which can be invisible from the outside, but cause significant damage internally. We also offer Roof Cleaning and the removal algae, moss, mould and lichen build up.

We do a great job of restoring decks and fences that have discoloured and

greyed due to weathering. Using a special technique to remove discoloration without leaving lines and marks. This is great for bringing the natural, original colour of the timber back or in preparation for staining/painting.

Our technique for cleaning and restoring concrete surfaces can create a huge improvement to the visual appearance to outdoor entertaining areas, or the front of a property. Algae, Moss, and Mould build up is extremely common on concrete surfaces and can be a slipping hazard causing serious injury. It can be a danger to loved ones that is hard to notice until it has been cleaned.

Much like concrete surfaces, there can often be large build-up of contamination that causes discoloration, and creates a slipping hazard. Using our process we are able to remove these contaminants restoring the pavers or tiles to their original condition without damaging them, and increasing the safety for family and friends.

The same as your roof your Solar Panels get contaminated with dirt, dust, red dirt, salt spay, salt air and other contaminants that prevent your panels from working at there optimum level. We wash these solar panels and coat them with our Acrylic protective coating that allows them to operate at optimum levels for longer. Have your Solar Panels washed today and enjoy more energy savings.

Application of our Acrylic protective coating

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